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Dock Builders in Montana
Dock Builders in Montana

McCrumb Construction and Marine specializes in shoreline protection for homes and land. Those who live or play on Flathead Lake know that inclement weather can come over the mountains in a short amount of time, and during the summer, boats can zip back and forth across even the most secluded coves. Large waves are not uncommon, and every dock and home is exposed.

Instead, McCrumb Construction presents a solution. Many times, landowners with a shoreline that is eroding due to intense wave action can seek a permit to strategically place rock or concrete panels to protect further loss of their property. In some cases, this repair may save eroding shoreline from future disaster, and also beautifies the cove. McCrumb has trained professionals who know the proper way to insert these panels and rock, helping to ensure the longevity of our beautiful Montana lakefront. Contact us for more information on this possibility. In addition to this sort of repair, our team can build wave walls to protect docks from the waves and water damage.

These projects do have the proper local authority, so if you’re interested contact a member of the McCrumb team today. We can navigate the process. Our team is well versed in local laws, so our customers won’t have to navigate them alone.